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TeloYouth is designed to enable the body to regain maximum levels of youth, vitality, and longevity. We recommend you commit for 6 to 9 months to the Rejuvenation Program, and then to maintain one’s health and longevity commit to the Wellness Program for the rest of your life.

The ingredients in TeloYouth supplement and support the healthy production of the immune system’s cytokines, the nervous system’s neurotransmitters, the endocrine system’s hormones, and the rejuvenating peptides to activate our stem cell system that allow the body to balance, repair, self-regulate, and rejuvenate itself for optimal health. TeloYouth is safe, effective and life changing for individuals of all ages and is recommended daily not just for adults but for children above the age of two and our furry friends that also have to meet the daily challenges of stress that comes with life, growth, and development. TeloYouth is a unique technology that has captured the full essence of life in a capsule.

TeloYouth is not designed to cure, treat, or prevent any specific types of illness or disease. It is designed to reintroduce the rejuvenation factors (signal molecules) which activate and facilitate the body’s innate healing and rejuvenation systems we were born with. Signal molecules your body will use to rejuvenate itself from the inside out to gain back greater youth and vitality.

TeloYouth works in multiple ways to support deep and healing sleep. The FTE reduces excessive cortisol release to allow for melatonin (the sleep hormone) to be released sufficiently at night to help get deep and restful sleep. Rhodiola rosea has an overall calming effect on the central nervous system, and the formula as a whole supports proper pH levels (acid/alkaline balance) to support the healthy daytime energy cycle and deep healing nighttime sleep cycle.

TeloYouth is very effective at mediating stress and supports the healthy release of the neurotransmitters serotonin (the happy hormone), dopamine (for self-control), and melatonin to facilitate deep healing sleep to allow us to awaken daily refreshed, energized and motivated to meet the challenges we will face. For more information go to “Clinical Studies” in the library.

TeloYouth does not stop at anti-aging. It can rejuvenate your whole body. The bioactive peptides, found in TeloYouth, work on a cellular level. In addition to stimulating tissue regeneration, TeloYouth is also a powerful source of antioxidants that protect the cells against excessive free radicals, thus slowing down cellular aging with additional anti-aging advantages. It can slow cognitive decline, improve memory and enhance focus. Even individuals who are starting to experience problems associated with brain function can enjoy the benefits of TeloYouth.

Yes. Bioactive peptides in TeloYouth are used to help our body to produce testosterone. Testosterone is used to build muscle, to strengthen bones, and to increase sexual desire and satisfaction. FTE is clinically proven to help muscle development and hormone production. For more information go to 'Clinical Studies' in the library.

Yes. TeloYouth is full of natural superfoods which enhance brain development, mental focus, healthy development, and stamina of young adults. 4-6 capsules are recommended for teenagers per day while 1-2 capsule good enough for kids over the age of 2.

Yes. Pets usually go through dramatic rejuvenation of hair, skin, increased energy level, and overall health. Providing 2-3 capsules per day will keep your pets as vibrant as possible. You will save a lot of money down the road.

Several studies testing the FTE in TeloYouth indicate numerous benefits to human health and athletic performance with no known side effects. It helps enhance the production of testosterone and reduce cortisol by mediating the stress of training and competition, thereby increasing both mental and physical performance. Athletes experience improved recovery after training, increased muscle strength, focus and motivation. For more information go to “Clinical Studies” in the library.

TeloYouth is a unique sports nutrition product, containing an extract from pre-embryonic fertilized hen eggs. The extract has been approved by the London based sport’s governing body (Informed-Sport*) that approves formulations and ingredients used by athletes in their training. The FTE (fertilized tissue extract) is used as the foundational ingredient in TeloYouth and is produced in Norway. Also the remaining five ingredients in TeloYouth (Aloe vera gel, Marine collagen, Chaga mushroom, Rhodiola rosea and L-Arginine) would also pass any sports regulatory authority.

*Who is Informed-Sport?

Informed-Sport is a European based quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, HFL Sport Science.

TeloYouth is designed as a rejuvenation formula that utilizes the essential building blocks from a healthy balanced diet that provides the healthy good fats like the Omega-3s, complex carbohydrates, proteins, the essential vitamins and minerals used daily by the body. If you are recommended dietary supplements by your health practitioner, you may not need as much since TeloYouth makes the body more efficient due to its ability to mitigate stress. This will minimize the need for additional supplementation. If your body is going through an excessive amount of stress, is engaged in regular exercise, or battling with health issues additional supplements would be helpful along with additional amounts of TeloYouth to minimize accelerated aging and maximize your body’s rejuvenation.

We are all born with potent detoxification and repair systems in our body, which cannot be duplicated by any technology or medicine. When the right combination of nutrition and water are provided, these abilities are unlocked.

The first stage of repairing is retracing. Retracing is a natural expression of the body when something healthy or therapeutic is introduced into the body that allows for it to catch up with its new healing and cleansing priority which it didn't have the energy to do before.

It can sometimes feel uncomfortable once the healing response is initiated and will usually pass after a few days. It is a positive response that most are not familiar with coming from a background of symptom relief instead of true regeneration and repair. When a retracing experience happens, and the periodical detox of organs are generally compromised. In the case of the skin, it usually comes from the liver. When the liver doesn't purify the blood or lymph that can be flooded from microbial die-off, the emergency exit system becomes the skin.

The next stage of repairing is accelerated cleansing. Your body starts to push out toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals through the intestines, liver, kidneys, and skin. For a couple of days, experiencing diarrhea, feeling sleepy, needing to go to the bathroom often, and experiencing a skin rash are quite common symptoms to individuals who live in urban centers. When you help individuals turn on switches, burn fatty deposits, detox organs and activate immunity to kill stealth microbes hidden throughout the body, it can be a shocking experience to many under those circumstances, but it’s an excellent way to realize how many toxins you have in your body. If you worked in a chemically exposed environment, had chemotherapy, were dependent on heavy medication, or had chronic health issues, the detoxification period may take longer than others. Rest assured. It will all pass by. Trust in your body.

Retracing is a welcome sign of repairing at the deepest levels. Most retracing symptoms are mild and brief. One may not even notice them. At times, however, they are annoying and unpleasant. Very rarely, they may even include pain, which is a sure sign of reconstructing your body. Taking eight capsules of TeloYouth a day (4/4) allows the overall quality of life gradually to improve. For greater rejuvenation along with the detoxification and retracing, one can take 16 capsules a day (8/8), and you will experience fantastic rejuvenation. However, this can come with a stronger detoxification and retracing process. By understanding the mechanism, this experience can be welcomed, endured, and passed with gratitude rather than fear.

What is Retracing?

It is a process by which the body re-experiences old illnesses or traumas that were incompletely repaired in the past. The purpose is to wholly and thoroughly correct these old imbalances. As workers repair broken parts of a building, it will create a lot of dust, waste, and noise. Likewise, when the body gains enough strength to repair itself, it will temporarily cause more pain and discomfort. For instance, the swollen and inflamed parts can become more swollen, and the affected area can feel worse with greater fever and pain. It is a definite proof that repairing is in process.

Do not consume TeloYouth if you have a true allergy to eggs or fish and not a food sensitivity. As with any health issue, you need to always consult with your professional health care provider before introducing anything new to your body.

TeloYouth is manufactured using the purest food concentrates from Nature. A chance of any side effects would be the same as consuming a healthy diet. However, TeloYouth also activates the body’s innate ability to cleanse and detoxify itself as part of its rejuvenation process; so, caution is in order when starting TeloYouth after a long period of functional breakdown or trauma in the body. Modern medicine and conventional therapies are not well educated on the body’s ability to rejuvenate and repair after years of stress and trauma on every level (physical, chemical, mental and emotional).

If you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medication or if you have any medical condition, it is important that you consult with your health care provider before taking TeloYouth.

TeloYouth, Inc. is committed to making use of the best and purest natural ingredients in all of its products. The FTE manufacturing team from Norway has more than 30 years of experience, and know-how with this ingredient and freeze-drying technology. Eggs from hens used for commercial sale are generally not pasture raised can be fed antibiotics, hormones, and other additives. Pasture raised hens are free to go outside and consume their natural diet and interact with the flock. All of these factors enhance the quality of the eggs laid. Happy and healthy chickens produce eggs that have a higher concentration of beneficial nutrients.

The egg extract found in TeloYouth is derived from hens farmed and raised in Norway. Norway is one of the few countries in the world that is salmonella-free. Only a few countries poultry industries are declared completely salmonella-free (Ireland’s and Denmark’s industries are two more examples).

TeloYouth is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. The supplement is manufactured exclusively by TeloYouth, Inc. in the USA and sold globally with expedited worldwide shipping. Though generally not found in pharmacies, we have many health care professionals that include doctors, naturopaths, nurses, nutritionists, veterinarians, and health coaches that use TeloYouth in their practices.

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