6 Ways to Earn Free Products

Six Ways to Earn Free Products or Enjoy Discounts
  1. Loyalty Rewards:
    • With every product purchase, members can earn credits ranging from 6% to 10.5%, based on the duration of their TeloYouth program usage.
    • Accumulated credits can be redeemed for free products, which will be conveniently delivered with your next regular order. Ensure that you use the same username for your subsequent orders.
  2. Wellness Team Lifetime Free Program:
    • By setting up a monthly subscription totaling over $200 and referring three others to do the same within the same month, you can earn Wallet Points worth approximately $195 or more.
    • You can automatically apply these Wallet Points to future subscriptions, which may enable you to enjoy our products for a LIFETIME without any additional cost.
    • Members have complete control to adjust, delay, or cancel their monthly subscriptions through the dashboard.
  3. Testimonial Video Promotion:
    • Share your rejuvenation experience by providing a total of 2-minute before-and-after testimonial videos of yourself or your pet.
    • Include detailed explanations for a chance to receive one bottle of TeloYouth Powder valued at $240.
    • Additionally, if you provide before-and-after documents or pictures alongside the videos, you'll receive an extra bottle of Telomega valued at $42.
  4. Referrer Benefit:
    • Share your unique referral link, accessible from your dashboard, with others. When they make a purchase through this link, you'll earn 9% of the order amount in Wallet Points, which can be used for future purchases.
  5. LifeChanger Benefit:
    • If the combined purchases of you and your referred customers exceed approximately $3300 within any calendar month, you'll receive over $300 in additional Wallet Points, usable for future purchases.
  6. Various Company Promotions:
    • Keep an eye out for multiple free product promotions offered by TeloYouth throughout the year. Stay informed through company emails, YouTube, and Instagram.

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