Rejuvenate Finance

TeloYouth offers seven distinct avenues for cultivating your passive income:

  1. Health Care Professional (HCP Access):
    • Health care professionals looking to introduce TeloYouth programs to their clients can request HCP Access. This channel enables you to earn both retail margin and passive income.
  2. Online Influencer:
    • As an online influencer, you can apply for an influencer account. Once approved, TeloYouth will set up your affiliate account and provide a unique promo code, allowing you to earn up to approximately 20% of your sales as passive income.
  3. Auto-Donation Program:
    • This initiative is specifically crafted to extend continuous financial support to missionaries and ministers working in financially challenged churches with fewer than 50 members.
  4. Member Referral Program:
    • TeloYouth offers a customer-centric program that delivers numerous benefits to its customers, including complimentary products, discounted purchases using P-Wallet points, and special promotions.
    • For members who actively assist their customers in achieving the best product experience and taking advantage of these perks, there is an opportunity to establish a substantial and sustainable source of passive income.
  5. Personal Website and Ads:
    • After achieving Licensed Rejuvenation Partner status, you can establish a personal website to generate passive income. The compliance department will offer guidance throughout this process.
  6. Retail Shop:
    • Qualified retail shop owners can access TeloYouth's products and services through the Retail Access program.
  7. National Advertisement for Licensed Rejuvenation Partners:
    • Once you attain the status of an expert in Rejuvenation Programs, TeloYouth may connect you with customers seeking support for Rejuvenation Programs and lifestyle health coaching.

For additional information and support, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team via email at [email protected].

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